9 Things You Should Never Eat Or Drink After 9 PM

Your dreams should be sweet; your before-bed diet shouldn’t. Here’s what to avoid before hitting the sack, and what to snack on instead.

Regardless of whether you’re focused on maximum fat loss and getting ripped or trying to pack on pounds of lean muscle mass, certain foods should always be avoided after 9 p.m. Remember, you’re about to embark upon an eight-hour fast otherwise known as sleep.

So if you do make a big dietary blunder, your body has no chance to compensate by burning additional calories.

Repeat these mistakes habitually, and while you may dream of having an amazing physique, what’s happening inside your metabolic and endocrine systems is more like a nightmare. These ‘don’t-go-there’ choices will not only wreck your appearance but also jeopardize your health.

The good news is that it’s okay to have a late-night snack before bed — as long as you choose foods that will promote lean-tissue building and fat loss. And while we tell you what to avoid in the article below, we also offer more physique-friendly alternatives.

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