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Protein Does Take A Lot Of Energy To Digest And Break Down

Protein Does Take A Lot Of Energy To Digest And Break Down.

One habit that some people get into is filling their pre-bed meal with plenty of protein.

The logic is sound: You know your body will need amino acids to repair and build muscle tissue over the next eight hours, and you’re going to be sure you supply it.

You also know that protein has little impact on blood sugar levels, making it a good night time dietary selection.

While both of the above statements are definitely true, if you’re taking this advice to heart and serving up a full 8 or 12 ounces of chicken as David Letterman is going through his top-10 list, rethink your game plan.

Some protein is definitely required before bed and a must for preserving your lean muscle and promoting a speedy recovery, but overdoing it at this time is just going to force the body into an extensive digestive process which could cause you to lie in bed awake.

Protein does take a lot of energy to digest and break down so if you want to be sure that you get a peaceful slumber, so aim to keep it between 20 and 50 grams total before bed, depending on your overall protein requirements.


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